Project Server undocumented reserved keyword

I work with Microsoft Project Server 2010 and found that there are some undocumented limitations. We needed to add a new ECF (Enterprise Custom Field) and named it to ParentProjectUID. This should work without any problem, but it does not! I think it is a reserved keyword for future usage or because of the [dbo].[MSP_EpmInternalProjectHierarchies] table which has a column called ParentProjectUID. Repro steps: Create an ECF custom field and name it to ParentProjectUID.  create... [More]

Microsoft Project Server ECF custom view automatic refresh

I'm writing this article as ECF (Enterprise Custom Fields) handling inside the Microsoft Project Server database backend is not really documented, at least hard to find any information about it :) I needed to write custom audit and custom code for MSPS 2007 and 2010. Requirements were relying on ECF's and needed to use them in my custom code. I decided to build a view for my project entity with all custom fields. This view can be created in the ProjectServer_Reporting database. It was also a re... [More]

Adatbázis fejelsztés VS2010-el: Database Project

Annó a Visual Studio 2008-hoz a Microsoft adott egy kiegészítőt – Database Edition GDR – ami nem is volt olyan rossz. Voltak hiányosságai, de szereintem még mindig jobban lehetett vele dolgozni SCM környezetben, mint az SSMS-el. Aki a Visual Studio 2010 Premium vagy Ultimate Edition-t használja, annak az alábbi project típusok állnak rendelkezésre: SQL Server 2005/2008 Database Project SQL Server 20... [More]